Friday, July 31, 2009

shows every day starts tomorrow

hi friends!
i hope you are enjoying this beautiful summer!
i'm going to be playing "shows" every day in August in support of my ep "the sky has decided to whistle." which you can download here for free:

here are the first week's dates:

8.01 main st. northampton, ma
8.02 n pleasant st. amherst, ma
8.03 forest park. springfield, ma
8.04 east st. ludlow, ma
8.05 hubbard park. springfield, ma
8.06 cottage hill park. springfield, ma
8.07 umass (conference). amherst, ma

if it rains i will try to be under an overhang somewhere, so please feel free to come and share the dryness with me. also, i am going to try to find a spot next friday night at the NOFA "No Food No Freedom" conference at UMass. there are going to be a lot of people there so i'll do my best to stick out so you can find me. there will be periodic updates as well as many stories to share, as much biking will occur from show to show. also, i've been doing a lot of writing, so as of right now, I have no set dates which I will be recording, but it looks most likely as being early '10, as I plan on playing out everywhere in between now and then.

okay, i love you all. i hope you are happy and feeling wonderful.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer Update

hi. so in august i want to do some "shows" every day. invite me to your house. i will play guitar for / with you. sit with me downtown and we will move the sidewalks. suggest to me an open mic. or whatevs. the dates i'd like to try for are.. well.. all of august. see them here:

with open air and wind,

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bicycle Tour Journal 3

total trip: 329 miles, 8 days by bicycle


New Haven


total distance: 114.9 miles, 4 days of traveling with 2 days of rest

hello! this is the final part of the story, but only the beginning of stories like this to come.
i awoke lying on my back with my face pointed the tree above and the sun shining strongly through its leaves. i had slept for 2 hours. it was such an important and great sleep. i had acquired a threatening sunburn over the course of the travels and decided that i would wait until the sun had moved lower in the sky to begin moving again. i played guitar in the park for a few hours, listening to the birds, seeing the steady ongoing movements of the traffic on the street to my left, people-watching as students started to come home from middle and high schools to the neighborhood nearby. i mentally prepared myself for another venture through the night through more meditation. i gathered all of my belongings and put on my sweatshirts for protection from the sun and later, the cool air of the night and said my peace to the park that provided me with a chance to rest.

i arrived at a market and ate some food, mostly salad, sesame sticks, and water, bathroom break. i phoned my brother and told him i expected to be in new haven (hamden) by the early morning, probably 4 or 5 and he graciously said that he would let me in and i could sleep right away on his couch when i arrived. awesome. i acquired socks and gloves to protect my extremities as i had learned from the night before that there was a potential for frostbite if left uncovered. i left the market and the bustling little town of willimantic behind to re-enter the connecticut wilderness.

the road began to become long hills, ups and downs again as the sun prepared to set. i rode along the shoulder of the road with the headlamp lighting the road in front of me and the beeping red taillight attached to my guitar case warning cars from behind. the forests became thicker and taller, blocking out much of the sunlight and creating a dark undertone for the travelers beneath. i approached the tallest hilltop of that night's journey to a breathtaking view of the sunset above distant forest-covered hills for miles around. the spirits of the earth were reminding me that i was a part of its sequence. so many times during this journey i experienced these wonderful re-connections with the oft-overlooked simple beauties of the world. smiles continued.

i rode down the next hill with fervor. i felt as if i had become the wind and would grace the entire area before me in those moments. several hours passed and i arrived in portland. i had to make a stop to reaffirm my directions as being correct. gas station maps always point the way. i walked in the store and bought some peanuts and inquired about a map. the clerk asked me where i was headed, and i told him hamden, by bicycle. another man had walked in and had overheard and turned and said that i wouldn't be getting there that night, it would take me until the morning. he also offered that i shouldn't ride in the road, not at night. there were suspicions of safety for my concern, which i totally understand. on this whole journey, i have felt constantly aware of my safety. i have had to be aware in this way. yes there are crazy drivers and "crazy" people out there, but not really in every experience. people have a magnified perception of danger and "crazy" drivers out there. plus, i would be riding way on the side of the road, the way i had been the whole trip, and conscious of every car that is driving near me. regardless, i could not respond to this man to tell him that i would not be riding in the road, and as we saw eye to eye, i attempted to convey it to him nonverbally. i ate the bag of peanuts, and it was time to continue on.

well, after a ways, i inadvertedly followed the man's advice. i stopped riding on the side of the road. i had entered middletown, the next town over. it was full dark at this point. my directions had told me to follow route 66, which in middletown, adjoins route 9. it's pretty much a highway minus the interstate label. i don't know if what i did was legal, but i rode on the highway for several miles until the exit came. it was similar to route 1 back in massachusetts as far as car speeds and exits, although it didn't feel as much like a local route, and so i had mixed emotions. at one end, i was a little concerned for getting pulled over by a trooper, at the same time, i had the biggest smile on my face, reclaiming the highway for a lone biker as myself. i envisioned the vast expanse of american superhighways taken over by avid cyclists and people commuting to and from their places of employment by bicycle. my feet sped up to race the engines in high gear to my left. soon i was floating down a highway offramp.

the men at the station had advised to make sure i had lights as well, for the next town i would be traveling through would be dark. durham. i had no idea how dark they had meant. durham was really dark. the tall trees overhead blocked out all of the starshine, there were only a few streetlights and not many houses along the road. some cars went by, but for the most part i depended upon my headlight. an eerieness crept over me, i didn't understand it at first, but i think it had something to do with having just traveled through a well-lit city along a highway to a pitch black ruralness. oh, the changes in human density. i kept seeing dark figures crossing the road well ahead of me. a combination of dehydration and sleep deprivation resulted in these hallucinations, or at least that was how i rationalized it. i would rub my eyes and continue on. i felt fully awake, regardless. it was quiet along that road, and as the night continued, the roads that had been climbing uphill for a while started to be in my favor and i whizzed along the smooth, dark path.

i arrived in north haven. i walked up another hill and my feet started to pain. i had walked a great amount in the past 2 days due to all of the steep uphill climbs. i knew i was close and phoned my brother again. he guided me along. it was still the middle of the night and i arrived in hamden where the neighborhoods began to look familiar again. i climbed up one final hill with a white picket fence and tree cover overhead and rolled down the otherside. i arrived and greeted my brother at his apartment. we were very happy to see each other, it had been very long. he had prepared some pasta for me which my stomach was very pleased by, and i talked about some of my experiences. my body needed sleep, and my words probably came out incoherently. i would resume my stories the following afternoon.

i awoke before noon. it was another beautiful sunny day outside. my left knee was very swolen, it was hard to tell the difference between it and the rest of my leg, but i knew where it was because of its red hotness. i would ice it for the next two days in addition to much rest, relaxation and meditation. that night, we went to the market and bought ingredients and made sushi together, my brother ryan, cassie, and i. we feasted with miso soup, and multiple rolls, and told each other stories before sleeping again. the next morning, cassie, her brother and i went to new haven and ate at a vegan restaurant that had a wonderful falafel. we stumbled upon the yale university art gallery, which i had no idea had within it a large assortment of works from 'famous' artists. we were able to see some duchamp, kandinsky, and dali works, and it was refreshing being in a gallery again, for it had been two weeks prior since the art walk. my brother returned and we spent the night relaxing, eating, playing guitar and enjoying the fresh air. they left and i studied the dao shortly before sleep overcame me.

i said goodbye to my brother in the morning. it would be the last leg of my journey. the stay had been wonderful and rejuvenated all of my muscles and my reunited our spirits. i ate a small breakfast and had a lot of water. the hot sun was overhead again, another, yes, another beautiful sunny day. i rode back through hamden and north haven to route 5. this road was another busy state road that held the essence of suburbia on both shoulders. the road gradually sloped uphill for many miles, making my journey very speedy and exhilirating as i was challenged ever so slightly. the 2 day break was just what i needed for my lungs to supply stamina. i rode for several hours as the sky began to become overcast, and the threat of thunder clouds rolled in from the west. the clouds teased the thought of afternoon rain while subsequently cooling the air temperature. i rode straight until hartford, stopping to walk maybe 2 times.

as i biked through south hartford, i was greeted by people on the sidewalk and a group of bikers wearing tight-to the skin biking gear going for their usual saturday ride. the looks of determination on our faces were consistent as we battled the midday traffic in the downtown district. i wondered where they were headed, but no conversations occurred. after some overpasses i left the city and rejoined a wide expanse of state roads mixed with gas stations from which i mistakenly found the access road to the hartford city dump, wrong turn. i stopped for a bathroom break and continued on another route.

in windsor, i came across two teens who were riding a beautiful yellow two-seat bike. before i knew it, i was riding in the middle of a parade. i was following the bikers as their path was away from the caravanning of floats and showpeople on the other side of the road. hundreds of people lined the streets. many people made comments about the yellow bike in front of me, in awe and wonder. "i want to ride a bike like that." the children would say. a smile returned to my face. there was a cheery feeling in the air. the procession of the parade gave way and we had been honored by the general public, well, sort of.

the road continued up a gentle slope all the way to massachusetts. the rain also had held off the whole day. it was a perfect and easy day to be finishing this journey. as i came into longmeadow center, there was a festival. cars were parked end to end on both sides of the road. i heard a blast from in front of me to the right. a dozen men were dressed as soldiers of some early american war and were firing their rifles into the air, followed by slow marches. i rode by rather quickly, and thoughts of simulation raced through my mind. if only i had time for analysis of the recreation of american symbolism. this time, the bicycle allowed for things to simply be, i was almost home.

all streets became familiar in springfield, and i rode along roosevelt over the pond and past many landmarks of my youth. the afternoon had gone by so quickly, and my journey this day was the shortest, as the land was more flat than previous days. i walked up one last hill to my street where my parents live. as i biked down the street, i saw my parents outside. i had phoned them earlier to tell them i would be in soon. they had a finish line set up made out of cardboard and welcomed me with open arms. my journey was complete. i am alive. i had traveled 329 miles in 8 days, some of which were with amazing friends, meeting amazing people along the way, and reconnecting with nature and my spirit into complete happiness. this is just the beginning.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bicycle Tour Journal 2

total trip: 329 miles, 8 days by bicycle




total distance: 96.1 miles, 2 days

hi again! tuesday may 12th, i awoke to the beaming sunshine above boston. with some morning meditation, stretching, and bike tune-ups completed, i ventured out into the daylight to begin the next stretch of my journey - onward to providence! the night before, we had stitched up my guitar back-bag, which had acquired a hole from excessive weight over the previous trip from eliot. without realizing it, i was lacking dry socks and would not have socks again for a while.. to be continued..

oh yes! pants! while i had been riding around boston, i found some environment massachusetts canvassers who were on their first day on the job, which was nostalgic, i gave some best words of encouragement and a donation, and they pointed me in the direction of the nearest thrift shops in cambridge. so over the charles to find some sweet brown pants that were lifesavers. it's important to bike with pants because you can always roll up the legs if it's too hot, but overnight chills can get you into trouble, just some advice. regardless, i had pants again and was very happy and ready. i traveled on washington st. southwards out of the city. the sun was beaming heavily from above, it was midday. as i left the city, i began to feel pains in my lower back, potentially my kidneys. i had several glasses of water before departing, but this pain was nearly agonizing. i began to wonder if i was and had been carrying too much weight on my back and whether i had pulled a muscle. somewhere in jamaica plain i took a wrong turn and head been traveling on hyde park ave for a while. now i was off course, but still heading towards providence, feeling great pain in my lower back, and near one of the last (which i thought last) T-stations along the route. i had to pull off the road.

i rode into the T-station parking lot, laid my bike down behind a truck and scuttled down an embankment to urinate in the brush. yes, that happened. i had become very light-headed and dizzy, and was almost yelping in pain. it felt like 2 minutes had gone by when i was ready to sit down and contemplate things. i attempted to just focus on everything i was feeling and that was going on. gradually i felt the pain go away and a smile returned to my face. i had called my brother in consideration that i would take a train-ride to new haven and call it an end to the journey, however, i knew that i was more than ready and once again capable of completing the journey. this is why it is so important to stay constantly hydrated throughout the experience. i had probably spent too much down time without drinking water in the days in boston, and the lack of constant intake had probably gotten to me. i found my way back through main st suburbia to washington st and route 1a and stopped for lunch in dedham.

i ordered an eggplant sub and did the usual bathroom routine. when i sat down, i looked up, and was blown away. they had strategically placed a large trapezoidal mirror both directly in front of me and behind my head. this created the facade of 25+ rooms and kevin's heads in an endless pattern. i don't know how i missed it in the way in, but i smiled. after lunch, i continued along on my trip. after an hour into the trip again, i hit a small bump, but caused my first and only flat tire on the whole trip. this was bound to happen. i had never changed a flat tire before, but had seen rick do it earlier in the trip and my dad do it several times, so i felt like i could probably figure it out. i was conveniently near some trees in a candy store parking lot and spent an hour putting a new tire tube in and realigning the wheel back on the bike. major awesomeness. the tire seemed to ride okay after being filled completely with air. however, when i sat down i noticed that it seemed to be riding a little flat. oh well, i thought, it didn't slow the bike down much, and there wasn't really anything i could do about the excess weight.

the clouds started to roll in from rhode island. the appeared to be quite vicious. i pulled out my poncho again. the rain started to fall lightly along the path. the city had given almost completely away back to woodlands and marshes. the rain gently refreshed my soul, without drenching my physical being. i began to think about the tire tube. i no longer had an extra tube, as i had sent one back with rick to try to lighten some of the weight of my pack. i decided to stop at the wrentham outlets, realizing that i hadn't seen anyone biking around since probably south boston. one of the stores seemed promising, it's name was something to the degree of "active sports goods" however, when i walked into the store, it was just clothing and didn't have any bikes or bike accessories for me to ponder at. hmm, mis-representations? i met a woman from senegal in the food court who had just moved to massachusetts a year before, she was working at a fast food restaurant that actually had the term "vegan" displayed on one of the selections for the stir-fry. i wish i could speak more french better so i could've communicated with her easier..

i continued on through north attleborough, a sweet town with some cool happenings. the rain had passed, and overcast was now overhead. this was refreshing to the skin. i entered pawtucket and decided to grab a snack at a stop and shop. they have these dairy+egg free french toast stick snacks that are amazing. as i was walking out, a man who was working there asked me about my guitar. we got to talking and we shared the french toasts. i told him i was passing through and explained some of my trip. he invited me to karoake night in providence and i told him i would join. i was again rejuvenated. along this trip, each experience and the bike ride itself just constantly reassured me and rejuvenated me. zen. and hopefully rejuvenated others ;)

i stumbled upon a bike path that would lead me along the highway on a bridge to east providence. the sun was setting behind the skyline of the city. it was totally majestic. as i reached the city, painted in the road was a bike path, and i was majorly excited again for the renewed consciousness of bike existence. the neighborhood of east providence was greatly inviting. i decided to eat at the tokyo restaurant. i spent nearly two hours eating sushi, drinking green tea and talking with the chefs and my server about the city and guitars, and music. i felt and knew that my biking trip for the night was not over, it had just begun..

i received a call from matt, the friend from stop and shop. he had arrived in the city with some friends. i met them downtown and parked my bike near other bikes at as220, i have the perception that a bike is less likely to get stolen if it is with many other bikes. the karoake night was in full force. matt and his friends would scootch out of the bar to take shots in the parking lot. i won't drink. as we were outside on one of these occasions, an apparently threatening man came up to us and demanded money or he would be violent to us. one of the other guys gave him a few dollars and said that none of us had any money. he explained that the guy can get violent and that the homeless in providence can be very desperate lately. later on in the night, matt performed karoake of a marilyn manson song, which was quite intense, he was all over the bar becoming quite a front man for the time being. afterwards, it was time to leave the karoake bar because of last call.. all of us new friends said our farewells at my bike, and i was told that the safest way to leave providence is through little italy, because the mafia is said to have control during the night. just then, a huge fight broke out about 30 yards away on the corner between at least 10 people. it was time to leave, and i headed west.

the night sky was amazing. there was not a cloud in the sky. it had gotten colder. i bundled into a second sweatshirt and stopped at a gas station. i met 3 local people who were curious about what i was doing. i told them i was heading to new haven and would be traveling through the night. the advised that 'the cops around here can be assholes, but they really are nice, just make sure you have your id ready if they pull you over.. and have them give you a lift to the border, or if you are in connecticut, have them give you a lift to new haven!' they potentially offered me a place to stay, but i knew it was time to travel throughout the night. they gave me free food on the way out and wished best travels. one thing i heard repeatedly before and after the trip was that 'i could never do that, i would just die.' however, i really do feel that anyone could do this, you just have to free your mind of all obstacles.

my bare feet needed warmth. i wrapped an ace bandage around each foot to enable it to withhold body heat. it worked quite well! the roads were very dark and i would come across lakes and thick woodlands where the moon was shining and reflecting so beautifully. the roads started to become more hilly and street lights became fewer and farer in between. cars would pass by every once in a while, but it was very quiet, and the morning birds began to make sounds. the darkness of the night began to give way to some light near the horizon behind me. i was excited to see a sunrise, but the constellations above were so wonderous, i was completely content, my feet kept moving as if i know longer needed to pay attention to them, it was so natural.

the sky became much brighter. roosters began making their morning calls and i came across a lake. the sight was completely beautiful. i had to pull off to the side of the road. water vapor was rising off of all the plants, the water, and the road to greet the sun. loons and ducks took flight over the myst to fly to tiny islands in the lake. crickets and small birds talked in soft voices to each other, while the blue and light sky reflected itself off of the water's surface. i was completely amazed.

i continued on. my feet and my whole body had lost a great deal of warmth, but i was happy. it was now morning, i needed a place to warm up. i was in putnam, connecticut, and i found a dunkin donuts. i parked my bike and walked inside with my guitar on my back. a wide-awake 83-year old man asked me what kind of guitar i had as i walked into the room. we talked about guitars and taylors and then i decided that i would sit with him. i began to tell me about parts of his life, his daughters, his wife's passing and his many mistresses that followed, and his search for classic songs of the early 20th century that can't be found anywhere. his name is mo. he tells me that he is starting to have alzheimers and that his daughters are millionaires. one of his daughters isn't afraid to give people serious attitudes and 'threaten to cut co-workers balls off' if they try to give her too much work. he tells me that after his wife passed, he saw 18 different women who were either cheating on their husbands, looking for money, or both and wanted to live with him after a month of dating. what an interesting life and individual case of what falling into a lot of money can do to one's life. the conversation reaffirmed in me that the desires and pleasures that come with that lifestyle are not what i have in mind.

i left the dunkin donuts inspired and in a funny mood that can't really be described other than, i just biked through the night and met a millionaire in a dunkin donuts in rural connecticut. the sun began to get hotter again. another beautiful day lie ahead. i was again excited. however, i had acquired a sunburn and had to figure out a plan for minimizing future burning so to avoid sun sickness. i decided that willimantic would be my next stop and potential rest through the remainder of the hot sun. in the meantime, i kept my sweatshirts on as the morning warmed to block out the light rays. after some serious forest back-road action and long, long, hills, i came across a cattle farm. it was on a hilltop, and the cows were being fed outside of their plot, where they had to stick their heads through a tight fence to eat the food. i couldn't see inside of the barn where more cattle could be heard, but the whole situation gave me an eerie feeling. it was not a factory farm by any means, but i knew that these animals were being raised for our consumption, and looked like they could've had better conditions, larger fields to graze in, maybe they did, but they weren't at the moment.

several hours passed, and i arrived in willimantic. i saw a park on the side of the road with 2 really really inviting trees. i pulled off the road and undid all of my stuff and created a pillow with my sweatshirt and fell asleep immediately. the shade protected me from the sun, and it would be a few hours before i awakened.. to be continued..

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bicycle Tour Journal 1

total trip: 329 miles, 8 days by bicycle





total distance: 118 miles, 2 days

hi everyone! saturday may 9th, we began our bicycle tour embarking from portland maine through the coastal paths of route 1. on the eve and the hours leading up to our departure, rick and jenn joined eleni and i (kevin) in deering oaks park. we each had backpacks and i carried my guitar on my back. the weather on saturday was amazing, lots of sunshine. we began our walk up state street and the tour was on. our spirits were very joyful. we would greet and say our farewells to each town we passed through. the pace was moderate and we would always make sure each other were faring well and could stay together. in scarborough we found a buddhist house that had no persons home, so we took a break and performed meditation and yoga with each other in the shade of gorgeous trees. as this tour went on, a habit was developed, that of gas station-hopping, in which we were able to refuel our water bottles, bathroom break, and maybe get some grub out of the minimally healthy selection. likewise, we persisted on through the sunshine, through which our faces became reddened. we arrived in kennebunk at ate dinner together at a delightful tavern called duffy's. i had the veggie-cheese-free pizza and sweet potato fries which were delicious. as we were getting ready to leave, it was getting colder, so i went to change into my pants. i came out and it was a complete downpour outside, so i changed back into my shorts. that was the last time i saw my pants and was pant-less until cambridge.

we all had our waterproof-ish gear on and departed from duffy's with a reknowned spirit of being hit with "reality." we organized ourselves into a 2x2 formation through which people with the white head lights were in the front and those with rear red-light blinkers were in the back. the rain became fiercer but more refreshing as it got darker into the night. when you ride your bike on a long distance trip like this, you begin to realize how much trash and litter ends up in the sides of the roads, especially the broken glass that you have to avoid. in addition, you really begin to notice how many animals are killed by cars and lie decapitated on the sides of the road. it's quite eye-opening. we travelled through the rainstorm and after we passed ogunquit the road started getting darker and we were now engaged in a lightning storm. we were absolutely drenched in rain from the sky, but it was greatly refreshing. as we arrived in kittery, rick got a flat tire and we all pulled off to well-lit spot as the rain subsided. all of us tried to help replace the tire tube and the cold started settling in on some of us. soon enough, the bike was ready and we celebrated having come this far and perceiving that the clouds would be moving aside and allowing for the stars to be visible, which made us all very happy. rick's tire went flat again on a road in eliot and we decided to walk, and it turned out that jenn's friend's house was located just down the road. the victory of the first days travels made us more happy and we were welcomed into a beautiful home with pre-made veggie chili and corn muffins that were absolutely delicious. we were all so thankful for having a wonderful place to stay, as the soaked travelers we were. we each had a soft surface to sleep on, be it a bed or a mattress, which was awesome.

the next morning, we awoke to have a varied breakfast that was delicious, trail mix and fruit and muffins, all great! this sunday was mother's day and we all contacted our mothers at some point, mine was more than happy to hear that i was still alive. now it was time for us to depart in our separate ways, jenn and i would be travelling on to boston while rick and eleni would be heading back to portland via the bus system. we gathered for a farewell under another gorgeous sunny day. all of us felt as though we would be able to take on another 50+ mile bike trip when we woke up in the morning. the trip had drained very little out of us as a whole, which reinforced to me that anyone really can go on a very extended bike trip regardless of whether you feel you are in shape or that you will die.. (there are probably some exceptions of course).

we arrived in portsmouth shortly after leaving to see many people walking about and seeing groups protesting for peace, we stopped at a natural foods store to get some sun tan lotion, as we had been burned the previous day, and then we were again on our way along Route 1, which we had taken all the way from portland. feeling rejuvenated with the wonderful breakfast we had had, we rode straight through past hampton and arrived at an inviting park where we chose some rest and meditation and lunch. we left and arrived in massachusetts early in the afternoon. the land to the sides of us became more and more thicker as forests which helped to cool us off. we had long steep uphill climbs where we preferred to walk followed by long steep downhills where we must've reached 30+ mph at least, as we were going as fast as the cars that had been racing by us previously. we passed lots of beautiful swamps and wooded areas as well as a giant wind turbine. we also paused in a grass patch on the side of the road next to a lake where we did yoga and meditated again to lift our spirits.

we continued on with some almonds and assorted trail mix bars for energy. after these long hills, route 1 began to turn into a state highway. this was a very mentally challenging part of the entire journey. cars started travelling past us at faster speeds than the entire trip from portland and were starting to grow in number. the quieter pensiveness of the woodland ride had turned into the suburban noise-pit where we were only able to hear engines passing and had to yell louder to hear each other. however, we approached a traffic jam at one point where the 3 lane highway was all lined up with cars that were either stationary or moving slowly. at the same time, we were walking up the hill. 'soon, we're going to be going faster than all of these cars" we said. and this put a huge smile on our faces. as we reached the top of the hill, we climbed onto our bikes and raced along the downhill, passing many cars that had passed us slowly during our walk. we couldn't help looking at the people in the cars to see their expression, or to at least acknowledge each other's existence, as it had been so impossible just minutes before at the differing speeds we were travelling. soon enough the traffic jam subsided, and we were re-energized to continue along this highway.

we decided that we would wait to eat until we reached boston, as we were so excited for this whole experience. soon we reached route 99, from which we departed from the noisy barrage of traffic on route 1. while our minds were challenged from these mental attacks, we felt relieved to be once again on a city road, with boston not far at all away (we had been seeing airplanes leaving logan airport for a while already). after a trip to dunkin donuts for a rest, water and food break (nachos and nuts), the sky was getting darker and we continued on. we crossed over a drawbridge where we could see the ambience of the sunset and rode through several towns, one of which was everett. although we didn't stop here, this place felt like a very friendly and inviting place that intrigued us greatly. we soon saw the skyline of both boston and cambridge and were filled evermore with joy as we were arriving at our destination. after getting lost in cambridge for a bit, we met up with jenn's friend kc, who helped us find spots for our bikes and we ate at this fantastic mexican / cajun restaurant in harvard square. we had fajitas and veggie jambalaya and tons of water. it was always important to drink as much water as possible. i learned more about bahai and we went back to kc's dorm where we eat some leftover french toast that was going to be thrown out. sleep was awesome, and kc was wonderful for her hospitality.

the next morning, we parted ways with kc, and jenn and i rode through boston to the north station so she could catch a train back to portland. we walked through the city garden where there was an enormous swan who's majesty delighted all around the park. was this swan dependent on humans for her survival? i wonder if the dependence of animals on humans in cities becomes more ambiguous with time, that is, if we keep feeding them, then they die if they are separated from us. likewise, we arrived at the north station and we said our farewells.

jenn, rick, and eleni helped to affirm to me that the rest of my trip was going to be possible and wonderful. they left some equipment, i.e. lights, medical equipment with me to ensure that i could take care of any issues. i now felt more ready than ever to travel alone through cities and forests to see my brother in new haven.

i spent the rest of the day in boston roaming around. another gorgeous sunny day. i played music in boston common and did some more meditation and yoga. i ate at my thai, a vegan bakery in chinatown, and had a bangkok stir fry and some delicious soup. after biking through the city again i came across whole foods and ate my dinner and brought some chocolate chip and blueberry muffins to see my friend kate. it was awesome seeing her and had been a while. she showed me her art studio at massart which was awesome and we talked about her art which made us smile. she had a lot of work ahead for finals, so she stayed in her studio while a rested the night in her apartment. i met her roomates katie and erica, who is a songwriter and performs around a lot, very cool people.. we reaffirmed the question, is it necessary to give ourselves genres and describe ourselves? i slept wonderfully, and the next day it would be on to providence.