Friday, July 31, 2009

shows every day starts tomorrow

hi friends!
i hope you are enjoying this beautiful summer!
i'm going to be playing "shows" every day in August in support of my ep "the sky has decided to whistle." which you can download here for free:

here are the first week's dates:

8.01 main st. northampton, ma
8.02 n pleasant st. amherst, ma
8.03 forest park. springfield, ma
8.04 east st. ludlow, ma
8.05 hubbard park. springfield, ma
8.06 cottage hill park. springfield, ma
8.07 umass (conference). amherst, ma

if it rains i will try to be under an overhang somewhere, so please feel free to come and share the dryness with me. also, i am going to try to find a spot next friday night at the NOFA "No Food No Freedom" conference at UMass. there are going to be a lot of people there so i'll do my best to stick out so you can find me. there will be periodic updates as well as many stories to share, as much biking will occur from show to show. also, i've been doing a lot of writing, so as of right now, I have no set dates which I will be recording, but it looks most likely as being early '10, as I plan on playing out everywhere in between now and then.

okay, i love you all. i hope you are happy and feeling wonderful.

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